Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential to reduce risk of coronary heart disease

New findings emphasize the importance of measuring and maintaining aerobic fitness., ReIS8Ngt4E8

Like a baby: The vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring

Scientists looked at the relationships among maternal snoring, childhood snoring and children's metabolic characteristics -- including body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance, which reflects future risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease -- in approximately 1,100 children followed from gestation through early adolescence., VWLeUPNAcPU

First-graders fitter than expected

Childhood obesity is often attributed to a lack of exercise. So what about sports among elementary school students? Scientists have pursued this question and collected the results of fitness tests for first-year students over a period of one decade. Their study shows that students did not lose their strength. Speed or balance even increased over the time of 10 years. One change was in the boys, whose endurance decreased compared to the girls of the same age., 8RL2tDn4buY

Cross off that 'to do' list, study shows all daily activity can prolong life

That 'to do' list of chores and errands could actually provide a variety of health benefits. The study found women over age 65 who engaged in regular light physical activity had a reduction in the risk of mortality., mC6TvKtfsWw

Intervention becomes first to successfully reduce risk of dementia

A computerized brain training program reduces risk of dementia 29 percent, a 10-year study concludes., 3thLnS9LvKw

Does this one gene fuel obesity?

Variants in a gene called ankyrin-B -- carried by millions of Americans -- could cause people to put on pounds through no fault of their own, new research demonstrates., nP0lbS5uyYo

Cognitive training enhanced innovative thinking and brain networks in older adults

Researchers have demonstrated in a pilot study that cognitive training improves innovative thinking, along with corresponding positive brain changes, in healthy adults over the age of 55. The study reveals that a specific strategic cognitive training program enhanced innovation in healthy adults., LvvavLvoa3Y

Exercise increases brain size, new research finds

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new study has found., QRgIry uPqw

Another reason to exercise: Protecting your sight

People who engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity may be able to significantly lower their risk of glaucoma, according to new research., mGEG9iGZrR8

Gene prompts cells to store fat, fueling obesity

Obesity is often attributed to a simple equation: people are eating too much and exercising too little. But evidence is growing that at least some weight gain is predetermined. New research suggests variants in a gene called ankyrin-B could be causing millions of Americans to put on pounds through no fault of their own. The study shows that the gene causes fat cells to suck up glucose faster than normal, more than doubling their size., rtQy16drGR0

Increased taxes on high fat and high sugar foods will help improve children’s diets

Increasing the tax on high fat and high sugar foods will help improve children’s diets. This is one of the recommendations from a new report that includes recommendations that are aimed at tackling the causes of poor diets in children., XIBU1F33szw

Risks for blood clot in a vein may rise with increased TV viewing

Risk for blood clot in a vein was higher in those who reported watching TV 'very often' compared with those who reported watching TV 'never or seldom.', KZE31uD330s

Chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War illness as unique disorders, brain chemistry study shows

Researchers have found distinct molecular signatures in two brain disorders long thought to be psychological in origin -- chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Gulf War Illness (GWI). In addition, the work supports a previous observation of two variants of GWI., zuCf PMaGL8

Should exercise be what the doctor orders for depression?

More mental health providers may want to take a closer look at including exercise in their patients' treatment plans, a new study suggests. Researchers asked 295 patients receiving treatment at a mental health clinic whether they wanted to be more physically active and if exercise helped improve their mood and anxiety. They also asked if patients wanted their therapist to help them become more active., PONkwvzsfro

Endurance training helpful in recovery from muscle inflammation, new study shows

Endurance training can actually be helpful in dealing with muscle inflammation, according to a new article., 1TQn5ausc7U

Research on reversing negative effects of maternal obesity

A drug that increases energy metabolism may lead to a new approach to prevent obesity in children born to overweight mothers, researchers have found., AC9mPFY8o0A

Healthiest college students keep weight down, spirits up

Optimists and happy people are healthier overall, enjoying lower blood pressure and less depression and anxiety, among other measures, research shows., U8W YdsoW90

Signs may help history buffs get more buff

Visitors to the country's national parks and historic sites may be just a sign -- and a few steps -- away from improving their health and fitness while enjoying their park trips, according to a team of researchers., bfMjcUtcjz8

Trust in healthcare undermined by 'bad apples,' new research reveals

Research based on analysis of 6,714 cases of professional misconduct by health and care professionals has identified three different types of perpetrators., 0RfNTMYCQAQ

Exercise can counteract treatment side-effects, improve cardiovascular fitness in women with advanced breast cancer

Taking part in regular exercise can reduce fatigue and pain, and improve cardiovascular health and quality of life in women being treated for advanced breast cancer, according to new research., n0F6cwrbHrU

Most US adults say today's children have worse health prospects

Less than one-third of adults believe that kids are physically healthier today compared to kids in their own childhoods and fewer than 25 percent think children's mental health status is better now., vF9YfN64qV4

Why do some obese people have 'healthier' fat tissue than others?

One little understood paradox in the study of obesity is that overweight people who break down fat at a high rate are less healthy than peers who store their fat more effectively., I9Vf6nHmVh4

Lose fat, preserve muscle: Weight training beats cardio for older adults

Weight training or cardio? For older adults trying to slim down, pumping iron might be the way to go. A new study suggests combining weight training with a low-calorie diet preserves much needed lean muscle mass that can be lost through aerobic workouts., l8amc7Kw Cc

Strength exercise as vital as aerobic new research finds

Push ups and sit ups could add years to your life according to a new study of over 80,000 adults., mfwyTH1rdLE

Riding the bike to work is just as effective as leisure time exercise

A new study shows that inactive, overweight people can lose fat mass just as effectively by riding the bike to work than by exercising in their leisure time. It is a time-effective solution if you want to be physically active, but lead a busy everyday life, the researchers say., J0qS fmqxgw

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