Research debunks 'myth' that strenuous exercise suppresses the immune system

New research suggests that rather than dampen immunity, endurance sports can actually boost the body's ability to fight off illness., 1yUxfUdHsG8

Tai Chi improves brain metabolism and muscle energetics in older adults, study finds

A new study provides insights into the biochemical mechanisms by which Tai Chi -- a mind-body exercise -- may provide both physical and psychological benefits., JjSxp8Cz XQ

Exercise after a heart attack -- it could save your life, research suggests

Becoming more physically active after a heart attack reduces the risk of death, according to new research. The study, which followed more than 22,000 patients, found that those who became more physically active after a heart attack halved the risk of death within four years., vODQZOh795g

What happens to our muscles during spaceflight and when living on Mars?

The inactivity of astronauts during spaceflights presents a significant risk to their muscles, says a new study. Scientists have simulated the impact of 21-day spaceflights on the body, and the impact of low gravity environments such as the moon or Mars., 92lhJxX1E58

Active young adults with Type 1 diabetes have muscle complications

A new study has found that poor muscle health may be a complication of Type 1 diabetes, even among active 20-somethings. The researchers found structural and functional changes in the power generation parts of the cell, or mitochondria, of those with diabetes. Not only were the mitochondria less capable of producing energy for the muscle, they were also releasing high amounts of toxic reactive oxygen species, related to cell damage., RFnXZ8aca6Q

It's not your fitness tracker -- it's you

An international study reveals that no one defines physical activity the same way when they are asked to report how much they exercise. The findings are a caution for researchers trying to make cross-cultural comparisons about exercise., LoCUFGkd6ec

How fat tissue shunts energy to tumors

Researchers recently discovered that that inactivation of a protein called p62 in fat cells fuels aggressive, metastatic prostate cancer in mice. The findings suggest that mTOR inhibitors currently used to treat a wide range of cancers may have the unintended consequence of shutting down fat tissue metabolism and fueling tumor growth., sbvELCp7Kv0

When heart disease runs in the family, exercise may be best defense

As fitness increases, heart risk decreases regardless of genetic risk., fGFvSp91CCg

Resistance training enhances recycling capacity in muscles

A new study reports that autophagosome content is increased by resistance training in previously untrained young men, but this response may be blunted by aging., Y7Y1zI G9EE

Study found people would rather pop a pill or sip tea than exercise to treat high blood pressure

Survey respondents were more likely to choose a daily cup of tea or a pill over exercise to 'treat' high blood pressure in an imaginary scenario, but many didn't think the interventions were worth the benefits. When the perceived gain of treating hypertension was higher -- one or five extra years of life versus one extra month, for example -- survey respondents were more likely to say they would.,  5IzwdvZ9O0

Older people advised to dance for better posture, flexibility, energy and happiness

Dancing can improve the physical and mental well-being of aging people., CHH3iDCag0s

Practicing Tai Chi helps improve respiratory function in patients with COPD

Currently, pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is used where available to improve exercise capacity and quality of life, but the treatment requires access to trained staff and specialized facilities. A new study looked at Tai Chi as a lower cost, more easily accessed treatment option. Investigators found that this slow, methodical form of exercise is equivalent to PR for improving respiratory function in patients with COPD., V8B6vizwZok

Get moving to get happier, study finds

Physical activity has long been known to reduce depression and anxiety, and is commonly prescribed to prevent or cure negative mental health conditions. A new review suggests the physical activity frequency and volume are essential factors in the relationship between physical activity and happiness.,  59jVxAsy1s

Obesity impacts liver health in kids as young as 8 years old

A new study found that weight gain, obesity can put children as young as age 8 at risk for a serious liver disease., wXNDK62a7sc

Timing of stress-hormone pulses controls weight gain

New research provides the first molecular understanding of why people gain weight due to chronic stress, disrupted circadian rhythms and treatment with glucocorticoid drugs: it's all in the timing of the dips and rises of a class of hormones called glucocorticoids -- predominantly the 'stress hormone' cortisol, according to a new study., OKvzDATK FI

How to fight side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Men on hormone therapy for prostate cancer may benefit significantly from hitting the gym with fellow patients and choosing more veggies and fewer cheeseburgers, a new study suggests., 6F941DxJTlY

How muscles regulate their oxygen consumption

A new study shows that an enzyme called FIH determines how muscles consume oxygen. Without the enzyme, the need for oxygen increases during physical exercise. The finding is of potential significance to elite athletes, who have been found to have higher levels of FIH in their muscles than others., zCAFC Tmna0

Better fitness in pre-pregnant women linked with less risk of gestational diabetes

A new study finds that women who are considering pregnancy would benefit from greater fitness. Using 25 years of data on pre-pregnant women, the researchers report that higher levels of pre-pregnancy fitness are associated with a reduced risk of developing gestational diabetes., sbDRnS5xlnU

Searching for long-term success in weight management? Forget dieting and eat regularly

Early adulthood is particularly critical for putting on weight. According to a recent study common factors among young women and men who succeeded in managing their weight in the long term included eating regularly rather than dieting., 9vtQ1fLoPOQ

More than 2,500 cancer cases a week could be avoided

More than 135,500 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented through lifestyle changes, according to new figures., mrwBog  Tx8

Study suggests method to boost growth of blood vessels and muscle

Researchers have reversed age-related endurance loss in mice by treating them with a compound that promotes new blood vessel growth. Their study found the compound, which reactivates longevity-linked sirutin proteins, promotes blood vessel and muscle growth, boosting endurance of elderly mice by up to 80 percent., BJ4219GbS Q

Sulfur amino acid restriction diet triggers new blood vessel formation in mice

Putting mice on a diet containing low amounts of the essential amino acid methionine triggered the formation of new blood vessels in skeletal muscle, according to a new study. The finding adds insight to previous research showing that a methionine-restricted diet extends lifespan and healthspan, suggesting that improved vascular function may contribute to these benefits.,  C16H5u2348

Stopping exercise can increase symptoms of depression

Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research., A SeQVtuSoc

Whether sustained or sporadic, exercise offers same reductions in premature death risk

Despite confusing messages, new data shows all moderate or vigorous activity -- even when done in short bursts throughout the day -- can reduce Americans' risk of disease and death, according to new research., jWz PziISx4

Intense exercise before taking anti-psychotic meds may prevent weight gain, diseases

Researchers found evidence that a single bout of exhaustive exercise protects against acute olanzapine-induced hyperglycemia., idaheTrvzEs

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