Mindful movement may help lower stress, anxiety

Taking a walk may be a good opportunity to mentally review your to-do list, but using the time to instead be more mindful of your breathing and surroundings may help boost your wellbeing, according to researchers who found that while students reported being less stressed while they were on their feet and moving, they received an even greater benefit when they reported also being more mindful., Ca9ZiDxNVDc

Lonely and prolonged struggle for people with severe obesity

The majority of people with severe obesity have a lonely and prolonged struggle with their weight. In one study spanning more than 10 years, 83 percent report that they constantly strive to lose weight or prevent weight gain., LcvHgvLxPjI

Exercise makes the blood of obese people healthier

Exercise can reduce inflammation in obese people by changing the characteristics of their blood, according to new research., eG5QENfny 4

Bad habits that lead to cancer, chronic disease corrected by simple lifestyle intervention

Four of the most common bad habits -- too much screen time, too little exercise and high fat and low fruit and vegetable intake -- can lead to heart disease and cancer, but a simple intervention using mobile health tools and coaching normalized these behaviors, and improvements were sustained., EzVwFvkfTkU

Daily fasting works for weight loss, finds report on 16:8 diet

Daily fasting is an effective tool to reduce weight and lower blood pressure, according to a new study that examines the effect of time-restricted eating on weight loss in obese individuals., Q5UDQRE rf8

When it comes to weight loss in overweight and obese adults with knee osteoarthritis, more is better

Overweight and obese individuals with knee osteoarthritis can reduce pain and significantly improve function and mobility with weight loss. New research reveals that a 20% or more weight loss has the added benefit of continued improvement in physical health-related quality of life along with an additional 25% reduction in pain and improvement in function., XXbh9CoSaSE

Foods combining fats and carbohydrates more rewarding than foods with just fats or carbs

Researchers show that the reward center of the brain values foods high in both fat and carbohydrates -- i.e., many processed foods -- more than foods containing only fat or only carbs. A study of 206 adults supports the idea that these kinds of foods hijack our body's inborn signals governing food consumption., 4x6kP2qb7Ec

Better physical fitness and lower aortic stiffness key to slower brain aging

The rate of decline in certain aspects of memory may be explained by a combination of overall physical fitness and the stiffness of the central arteries.,  YrRf2vTPoU

Unnecessarily difficult: Physical activity resources for adults are loaded with jargon

Web page articles and other written materials designed to encourage physical activity are often too difficult to be easily read and understood by most US adults, limiting their effectiveness., X8m2jiDZZZM

Caloric intake and muscle mass at high altitude

New research looks at why a group of young, healthy adults residing at high altitude lost muscle mass while severely underfed and consuming the same high-protein diet that preserved muscle during weight loss at sea level., 1ozobXorh w

Customized resistance exercise a factor for success with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and resistance exercise have often been considered an impossible combination. But with proper support and individually adjusted exercises, female patients achieved considerable health improvements, according to new research., 3Hixq4kj6X0

Exercise mitigates genetic effects of obesity later in life

A new study suggests, for the first time in women over age 70, that working up a sweat can reduce the influence one's genes have on obesity., ugNyDev4 EY

Inefficient fat metabolism a possible cause of overweight

Protracted weight gain can, in some cases, be attributed to a reduced ability to metabolize fat, a new study shows. Sensitive individuals might need more intensive lifestyle changes if they are to avoid becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes, claim the researchers, who are now developing means of measuring the ability to break down fat., TyfqM4WQ04M

Weight changes associated with reduced bone strength

Researchers have found evidence that weight loss can result in worsening bone density, bone architecture and bone strength., qj9yYurPCiA

New hope for fight against genetically determined obesity

A large group of people with obesity have a genetic mutation that is causing their obesity. Common treatments for obesity only benefit these people to a limited extent, but now a new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen reveals that they can be treated effectively with the medicine liraglutide, which is a GLP-1 receptor agonist., x2V0JwpSTPA

Abnormal lipid metabolism in fat cells predicts future weight gain and diabetes in women

The inefficient breakdown of fats predicts later weight gain and metabolic complications such as type 2 diabetes in women, researchers report. Low levels of hormone-stimulated lipolysis -- a biochemical process by which triglycerides are broken down into energy-rich fatty acids -- were associated with weight gain and metabolic problems 13 years later. The researchers also developed an algorithm to detect impairments in hormone-stimulated lipolysis using clinical and blood measures., 7o DAtBqQO0

Metabolically 'healthy' obesity still linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Women who are obese face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, even if they have maintained good metabolic health for decades, according to a new study., 6tE8L2i4TYQ

Smoking, lack of exercise linked to early death after divorce

A growing body of research links divorce to a wide range of poor health outcomes, including greater risk for early death. A new study points to two possible culprits: a greater likelihood of smoking after divorce and lower levels of physical activity., UzjTFvKVJAA

Why heart function is reduced at high altitude

For over a century, we have known that high altitude reduces the amount of blood the heart pumps around the body with each beat. New research has unearthed why this is the case and the findings will be important for people who live, travel and exercise at high altitudes., MvHQuSV2N5Q

Time spent sitting at a screen matters less if you are fit and strong

The impact of screen time on cardiovascular disease, cancer incidence and mortality may be greatest in people who have lower levels of grip-strength, fitness and physical activity, according to a new study., Zk5fh1dVT20

Bid to beat obesity focuses on fat that keeps us warm

A new technique to study fat stores in the body could aid efforts to find treatments to tackle obesity, research suggests. The approach focuses on energy-burning tissues found deep inside the body -- called brown fat -- that help to keep us warm when temperatures drop., PddOGs4AEOI

Short bursts of intense exercise are a HIIT, even with less active people

A recent study comparing inactive people's feelings and enjoyment of HIIT to traditional long-duration aerobic exercise has found that inactive people who tried the high intensity exercise for the first time found it just as enjoyable as traditional exercise., oUj6HCitlDw

To manage weight, it may matter when protein supplements are consumed

People looking to manage their weight with strength-training and protein supplements should consume their supplements during a meal, according to a research review., 9RnL2QwOPbQ

Rehabilitating lactate: From poison to cure

When George Brooks first began investigating lactate, or lactic acid, sports physiologists saw it as a muscle poison that lowered performance. His research over decades has reversed that picture, showing that it is the body's way of revving up for exercise or to fight disease. Clinicians are now planning clinical trials to use lactate to treat traumatic brain injury and a host of illnesses, including heart attacks, inflammation and swelling., 21Zhl5N54EM

Whey protein supplements and exercise help women improve body composition

It's known that men benefit from whey protein supplements and exercise, and for what is believed to be the first time, the same can be said for women, according to a large study., iu8JHtKFNxc

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