5 Fitness Gym Hacks

By Tom Shade

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are always looking for a leg up when it comes to maximizing their time spent in the gym. Sometimes it just takes experience to learn the ins and outs of the gym, but in this case allow me to impart some knowledge.

Here are the 5 Fitness Gym Hacks:

Bring a Water Source With You
Hydration is one of the most overlooked wellness measures in our culture. Our lives are so busy and full of distraction that stopping to take a sip of water can easily be forgotten. Training yourself to drink water consistently throughout the day is a tough enough habit to adopt. Forcing yourself to drink water periodically while at the gym is a good place to start.

When you go to the gym, bring a water bottle with you. Don't leave it with your coat or keys, take it around with you to each workout station you go to, this will help you to remember to drink. I recommend taking a sip or two between every workout. An even better way to force yourself to drink is to buy a nice water bottle from the store. If it is a nice bottle that you paid money for you will be much more likely to remember to take it with you wherever you go. For extra performance, fill your bottle with a BCAA powder mix for an intra-workout boost to your muscular performance.

Wear One Extra Layer
Whether you're going for a detox workout or just trying to burn more calories, wear an extra layer of gym clothes than you would normally. Wearing an extra layer, like a sweatshirt top, sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, or a hat, can increase your body temperature while you workout. This can help you sweat more in the gym and burn more calories. If you're working out after a weekend of drinking or eating and want to clean up your system, sweating it out with an extra layer can be the best way to get your body feeling good again...

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9 Playground Workout Ideas

By Md. Arshad Ali

Sometimes the gym can get monotonous and difficult to squeeze into your hectic day but nearly everyone has access to a park and accompanying playground if you take a look around. Even if you're a regular in the gym, stepping outside can give you some refreshing variety to your routine and help mix things up a bit!

Most people don't think to look to a park playground as an alternative to the gym but it really can provide a good workout if utilised correctly. If your primary goal is simply to keep in shape or tone your physique then this is definitely one for you! If your main aim is to increase muscle mass then, unfortunately, the reality is you will need to get signed up to a local gym to get the kind of weights and apparatus you require to hit each muscle group effectively for growth. However, you could still find some tips to help your cardio sessions and hit the below routine at a higher intensity!

So let's get started!
First things first it goes without saying you should get warmed up before starting. Unless you're lucky enough to have a park right next to you then you can usually build this into your journey by taking a gentle jog. Alternatively, if the park is driving distance then depending on the park size a couple of laps round first will do the trick.

When warming up, it's important to mix in some dynamic movements to make sure the muscles are primed and ready for action. If you've ever been part of a sports team this kind of warm up should be familiar to you, mix in some side steps, high knees, bum flicks and short sprint bursts towards the end (5-10 metres).

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